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Welcome to www.aguide2botswana.com
The website called ‘a guide to Botswana’ is a storehouse of information on Botswana, from the economy, politics, history, tourist attractions, immigration and customs requirements, transport facilities, culture, entertainment, recipes and much more. This information would prove invaluable to leisure and business travellers to Botswana who want to find out what the country offers in terms of travel attractions, accommodation, transport, laws and regulations so as to make their trip to Botswana a memorable and enjoyable one.  Most of the information on the site is from a personal experience of the author as a person born and bred in Botswana and a lot of care was taken to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. There is also information on little known tourist attractions around the villages so that even citizens can find something of interest that they did not know of (off the beaten track). The site will be constantly updated and expanded.

The website www.aguide2botswana.com   is part of purposeful designed websites that market travel destinations of the world. There is ‘aguide2’ website for every country in the world including different states of America. This international presence gives ‘aguide2Botswana.com’ very good brand recognition by people who have used similar services in other countries. Examples of countries with live ‘a guide to’ sites are South Africa, Morocco, China, Japan, Cyprus, North Carolina, California, Hawaii, Swaziland, Namibia, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Belgium to name but a few. Technical back up and development is provided by www.aguide2.com in the United Kingdom.

The website www.aguide2botswana.com offers the travel and tourism industry in Botswana an opportunity to list their facilities for the benefit of the international and local travellers at very competitive rates. The site afords owners of accommodation, transport, restaurant, shops, etc an opportunity to list their establishments. The beauty of the system is that it allows the owners of the businesses control of their content such that they can change and update the information very much like in their own website.
The vision of aguide2botswana.com is to be the premier portal on up to date and comprehensive information on Botswana with a focus on the international leisure travellers. Furthermore the site will be marketed extensively online in major search engines and also on other media and other platforms like social networks. The information on the site has been gathered from many sources some online, some official, including latest publications, print media and personal interviews and experiences. The website welcomes comments from experiences of travellers and users. Use the ‘Contact us’ section for this purpose.

Botswana is truly an amazing country, from its humble beginning to what it has achieved since independence in terms of social and economic development (From being one of the least developed countries to an upper middle income economy). Botswana boasts of natural wonders like the Okavango Delta, Chobe Game Reserve, Tsodilo Hills (World Heritage Site), Central Kalahari Game Reserve, diverse ethnic mix, friendly and welcoming people and a peaceful and safe environment. The country is ranked highly in many social and economic indices like low corruption, low crime, high foreign reserves, high access to education and health and many others.  This website invites and welcomes you to come and explore Botswana and be truly amazed!   


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